Living Dangerously

Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By.


Lovage: Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By is a compilation of truly eccentric love songs.  The 2001 album was produced by Dan the Automator (aka Nathaniel Merriweather), with vocals from Jennifer Charles and Michael Patton.  It’s a fun little record with clever, provocative lyrics and innuendos.  The album is also a running homage to Alfred Hitchcock.

My favorite song is “Strangers on a Train”, a playful track full of witty, suggestive puns about a quick rendezvous on the train.

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3 Responses to “Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By.”

  1. Meghan

    It’s really weird that I saw this post as I was reading your latest post about your family – I love this album, and no one else I know has ever heard about it. I was subconsciously assuming no one else listened to it. I actually have the instrumental version on purpose; the lyrics are cool, but the instrumental is so relaxing. Do you also like trip hop? Dan the Automator has some other really neat projects I like.

    • Casallina

      I’m not usually a trip hop fan, but I recently discovered his Handsome Boy Modeling School which is cool. I didn’t know about an instrumental version of Old Lady. I’ll definitely check that out. Thanks!

      • Meghan

        Yes – Handsome Boy Modeling School is excellent as well!

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